Football Case Study is a platform created by STADE that uses photography to research and document the diverse cultures of football from around the world. Football Case Study is founded on the passionate belief that football is more than just a game; it's a global cultural phenomenon that brings people together, transcends barriers, and tells the stories of communities worldwide. Our mission is to capture the essence of football in all its forms, from the adrenaline-filled arenas of world-class matches to the spirited games in the streets of bustling cities and quiet villages alike. We are committed to documenting these stories with integrity, respect, and a deep appreciation for the cultures and communities that make football the world's sport.

Unlike traditional content platforms focusing on highlights, scores, and branded content, Football Case Study is dedicated to exploring the rich and complex cultural contexts shaping football in different regions and communities. Football Case Study believes that understanding football's cultural and historical contexts is essential for appreciating and respecting the diversity of our global community. By showcasing the beauty and richness of football cultures, we hope to inspire people to embrace and celebrate differences rather than fear or reject them.

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